When nature, humans and history randomly created all of the problems we face today, they didn’t conspiratorially collude to arrange the solutions to magically appear on only the right side or the left side of modern political theory, or at any other particular point inside it, or outside of it.

Over the past year, I have watched an endless stream of information coming from two sides of an extremely important debate. Something that has massively affected — and continues to massively affect — all of us, even as it may appear to be nearly “over”.

I’ve listened to and investigated…

In these times of disinformation, it’s a refrain we hear often. Typically accompanied by a view we are urged to take on as accurate and true.

But this is the antithesis of science. No reputable scientist will ask you to trust what they say. More appropriately, they will urge the…

This is the story of a film I made during the tumult of 2020. It’s now an official music video for myself and my friends’ band Prisoners of Neptune. What follows is my interpretation of its meaning.

MIrror World Thumbnails
Mirror World (Film)

The idea that humans, and human activity is somehow separate from nature has…

So I got lost on purpose, something I love to do in a new city. It’s an activity that never fails to cultivate some sort of strange magic. I ended up in this cafe in Edinburgh a little way off the beaten path of the main city centre, and the…

While living in an apartment in central Auckland City, I realised one day that the many homeless people living, begging or busking on the streets were actually my neighbours, no more and no less than the “ordinary people” housed in the shoe-boxes next to mine. Also, “homeless” was a…

One thing I don’t do when acts of terrorism happen, is watch the horrible footage. It’s what the people who do it want me to do. Me sitting there in front of the screen — being “terrorised” — is precisely the effect they are trying to have beyond the attack itself. Well, they can get fucked. I refuse to be manipulated. I’m getting on with my day.

Anthony Milas

International Man of Mystery

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